Tuesday 8th November 1864.


Sir J Burgoyne calls with reference to N. Colchester coperlite doings.


Monday 14th November 1864.


Mr Couchman goes over Coperlite Works with myself and Mr Cooper the Foreman to Mr Colcester.

We decide upon sending six months notice to Mr Colchester which Is sent to him this evening.

Mr Couchman leaves.  


Tuesday 15th November 1864.


I’m With A Cold. Mr Colchester calls and sees me. I inform him of the notice I sent him last night.

Friday 2rd December 1864.


Mr Couchman arrives with him and Mr Colchester settling coprolite working over Warren Farm with proposing tenant.


Sunday 4th December 1864


Went to church with Adelaide in the morning. Over Great Heath with her in the afternoon visit the “Ammonite” public house. Find four lodgers there against the rules.


Tuesday 6th December 1864.


I tell Cooper to dismiss Dellar from keeping the “Ammonite” public house.


Saturday 10th December 1864.


I went with Sir C. Payne over the coprolite works. Hear from Couchman that Mr John Hern of Hamerton, Kimbolton has accepted Warren Farm at a rent of £220.


Tuesday 3rd January 1865


I accept Thomas Adams as tenant of the “Ammonite” beer shop.


(Peel’s diaries 1864-5, Courtesy of Derek Niemann)